NEW – RECHARGEABLE ICS Sequential LED Road Safety Flare.

Available in 4 set of flares, 6 set of flares, and 10 set of flares 

pi-Lit® Ice Cream Sandwich flare with disabled vehicle

DUI Checkpoint – ICS Flare under cones


Caltrans and other State DOTs approved and growing

If you’re working on the roadway, it’s all about alerting drivers to slow down and guide them away. It’s simple to use but has many features.  The system will grow with you. Just when you say to yourself “I wish it could do…”.  Don’t worry!  It can!

It's all about Safety

We care about our customers & product which is why our customers adopt pi-Lit® technology! You will too with the best support in the industry.

Traffic Guidance System

pi-Lit® technology offers novel features and options, never before available on the roadside.  You can deploy in minutes with minimum time on the roadway. 


A Safer alternative to traditional barricade lights.

Designed & manufactured entirely in the U.S.A.

pi-Lit®(sounds like Pilot) from Pi Variables, Inc.