About the company (Pi-Lit - sounds like "Pilot")

Woman Owned Business

Located In Tustin, Southern California, Pi Variables, Inc. is a family owned technology company. Since 2012 the team has been developing, manufacturing, and supporting advanced technology for the transportation industry. With two of the principles coming from the medical field, the team has a culture of customer service.  The phones are always answered – 24×7.  As a small company (growing quickly), bureaucracy has not crept in.  New ideas lead to new prototypes to new products quickly.  And when we hear from our customers how we might improve the design, we set out to schedule it.  Our patented technology is based upon a network approach referred to as a “mesh”.  In this network architecture, all of the nodes (lamps) are equal. While not easy to develop and integrate into a lamp, the result is an easy to use and reliable system on the roadway.  Pi Variables, Inc., now has 9 patents describing the technology and mechanical design.

All of our products are assembled in Orange County, California.   Ninety percent of the components are manufactured within 3 miles of our facility, while a few bits and pieces come in from overseas.  All of the design and engineering is in-house.  And anyone visiting our facility will quickly adapt to flashing lamps (undergoing burn-in and testing).

Pi-Lit products are now seen on roadways throughout Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, and the Middle East.

Pi Variables, Inc., is named for the types of variables used in the mathematical equations required in designing radio-frequency technology.  Pi-Lit (registered) is a play on the combination of the mathematical term (Greek letter “pi”) and value derived by the aviation industry in deploying sequential-flashing strobes to aid pilots on final approach to a runway.  Hence, “Pi-Lit” (sounds like pilot), not pie-Light or Pie-Lite, or pee-eye light or pie something else.  Then again, you can call us anything you would like.

Give us a call.  We love to hear from customers or potential customers.  We are enthusiastic about our technology, company culture, team of employees, and, of course, our products which bring enhanced safety to your company.

Daniel Selevan, BS:

Dan studied physiology at the University of Colorado (Go Buffs!).  He graduated with a BS in Physiology, which prepared him for long hours and hard work of managing and building a company.  His graduate school has been “hard knocks” of real-world experience…the best teacher.

When not working Dan is surfing.  As a kid you couldn’t get him out of bed, but now that he is running a company, you will find him on the water before sunrise catching the waves, avoiding the sharks, and yet he still gets to work on time!

Kathy Selevan, MS:

Kathy is the discipline behind the company.  With undergraduate BS and Masters degrees in Physical Therapy (University of Connecticut and Boston University), and having managed a large P.T. department at Boston University Medical School, she keeps everyone focused.  If she answers the phone, you won’t mistake her; there are no ‘R’s , just “ahs’ in her speech. And don’t ask about the Yankees!

Tom Hopper:

Tom manages production.  And we are glad that he does.  Quiet, efficient, nothing rattles him.  After 4 years in the mountains of Arizona (Flagstaff – Northern Arizona University – Graphic Design), Tom returned to southern California to help Pi Variables build products. We are always amazed at how Tom can push bits and pieces through the system and out pops sequencing lamps!

Adam Selevan, MS:

Adam is the geek.  He is the brains behind the firmware that drives the smart technology.  Since his graduation from Bucknell University (BS Electrical Engineering) and Carnegie Mellon University (MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering), he has assumed the role of firmware developer for the company.  Adam also works as Vice President of Engineering for a medical device company.


Guy McIlroy:

A varied product engineering background spanning 40 years of product development, experience and leadership. Guy taught Adam everything he knows, at least with regard to Mesh technology and has previously developed products for Apple as well as other really esoteric firmware and Internet of Things gadgets. He has several patents issued and a number pending and lives in Northern California with a nascent collection of bulldozers. If you want to understand the algorithm defining how birds flock and fish school, the essence of
Pi Variables, Inc. technology, read his patent.

Jim Selevan, M.D.:

While practicing medicine was a rewarding life-long career, Jim’s passion has always been engineering.  Prior to medical school (Univ. of Miami), Jim studied electrical engineering culminating with a BS (with Honors from Carnegie Mellow University), followed by graduate engineering training at M.I.T., and medical specialty training at Boston University and Harvard University. Jim is a Board Certified Internist.  He also went on to study Business at Harvard Business School.

Upon retirement from Medicine, Jim put his engineering training and passion to work.  And when confusion upon entering a work zone scared him, the “light bulbs” went off in his head and the rest is history.  He has been issued 9 patents with more on the way.  He has 2 patents on medical devices.

Ideas come easy, but he needs the heavy lifting that Daniel can provide and the discipline that Kathy brings to keep him grounded.

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