No master/No slave/No programming

  • Battery Powered using inexpensive off-the-shelf D-Cell or AA Alkaline batteries.

  • 3 months on standard AA Alkaline battery pack. 9-month battery life for Barricade-Style pi-Lit® lamps. Several battery combinations to meet storage space constraints.  Police and Fire require smaller storage and less battery.

  • 12- or 24-hour option (off or on during daylight hours to conserve battery life).

  • Up to 100 meter range (330 feet) between units.

  • Works during rain, snow, fog – not dependent upon line-of-sight deployment.

  • pi-Lit® technology uses radio communication, not light.

  • May be deployed in any “shape” – a circle, square, triangle, around corners.

  • REMOTE CONTROL OPTION – operate the lights while sitting in your truck; turn on/off; change patterns; front/back illumination; lock membrane buttons; all from the safety and comfort of your vehicle.

  • Many strings may be used within close proximity. Each string uses a unique “identifier” that allows  use of multiple strings within sports stadiums, shopping malls, amusement parks, etc.  The strings will not interfere with each other.

  • May be wired to “mains” 12 or 16-volt (DC) for permanent installation.

  • Easy deployment. Simply set in place and turn on. The lamps “listen” for other units and assume the correct sequence.  Five different flash patterns may be chosen !!!

  • Self-Healing Network – should a lamp become disabled by damage, replacement is easy.  Simply insert a new lamp in the same location and turn it on. It will acquire the proper sequence number automatically.

  • Several sequence patterns may be chosen by the user. For example, one light marching, two lights marching, two lights separated by no light, etc.

  • FCC and CE (European Union) Certified.  CalTrans Approved!

Designed and Manufactured Entirely in the U.S.A.

1-Year manufacturer’s replacement warranty