pi-Lit® Ice Cream Sandwich – Sequential LED Road Safety Flare

pi-Lit ICS Safety Flare Brochure

Our new smart flare – The Ice Cream Sandwich ! These flares not only warns drivers of activity ahead but also directs traffic away. The sequencing technology keeps workers and users safe by guiding traffic away from areas where personnel are working on the road. The square shape won’t roll into traffic!  Automatically adjusts LEDs to horizontal or vertical orientation (when magnetically attached to your tailgate).  Another smart product from Pi Variables, Inc.  Same low price – LOWER than many NON-sequencing flares!!!! NO TOOLS TO CHANGE BATTERIES ! 4 AA-Alkaline – More operating time than any of the competition.   Contact us at (949) 415-9411 or email us at info@pi-lit.com



  • Powered by 4 inexpensive off-the-shelf AA-Alkaline Batteries

  • No tools required to change batteries

  • ~3-4 days of continous (24hrs) use battery life (pattern and LED dependent)

  • 360 degree viewng angle

  • Rugged overmolded TPE (can be driven over, dropped, etc.)

  • Use in all types of weather (rain, snow, sleet, fog, etc.)

  • Radio mesh network (No master or slave; no infrared communicaton)

  • 50+ foot range (15.2 meters) between flares

  • No limit to the number of flares in a string

  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Battery status check with push of a button

    • 5 green/yellow flashes = Full

    • 4 green/yellow flashes = <80%

    • 3 green/yellow flashes = <50%

    • 2 red flashes = <30%

    • 1 red flash = Low battery, time to change batteries

  • Magnetic battery door (can attach to back of vehicle)

    • Creates a temporary light bar

  • 5 flash patterns to choose from (operators preference)

    • Change patterns to all flares from any single flare)

  • 12 bright side LEDs, 4 bright top LEDs

  • Automatically switches between side LEDs and top LEDs based on orientation

    • User can lock to have only side LEDs flash or top LEDs Flash

    • Top LEDs with brightly light up inside of traffic cone!

    • When top LEDs are locked, cones can be placed over flares causing your cones to illuminate and sequence

  • Turn off all flares with a single button

  • 5 different default group frequencies to choose from 

    • Yellow Dot [1], Blue Dot [2], Green Dot [3], Beige Dot [4], Black Dot [5]

    • Users can change group frequency at any time (flare will return to default group when batteries are changed)

  • Different LED color choices

    • Flare case color matches color of SIDE LEDs

    • Standard Color Confgurations:

      • Orange Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs (Most Popular)

      • Red Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs

      • Blue Side LEDs/Blue Top LEDs

      • Amber(Yellow) Side LEDs/Amber(Yellow) Top LEDs

    • Custom colors or configurations upon request

  • Set of 10 Sequential Flares comes with Carrying case, Carrying Satchel, and Batteries


Left to Right: [Orange Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs], [Blue Side LEDs/Blue Top LEDs], [Red Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs], [Amber Side LEDs/Amber Top LEDs]


Ice Cream Sandwich Sequential Road Flare Light Bar Application (Pattern 4 “Calm Pattern”)


Ice Cream Sandwich Sequential Road Flare Around Vehicle (Pattern 5 “Fast March”)

Ice Cream Sandwich Sequential Road Flare Illuminating Traffic Cone

Top LEDs flashing when flare is in vertical orientation

Side LEDs flashing when flare is in horizontal orientation

Illustrating dynamic switching of side to top LEDs based on orientation