"Ice Cream Sandwich"™ Sequential LED Road Flare

Our intelligent technology in a rugged and compact emergency LED flare. Designed to take a beating, the “Ice Cream Sandwich”™ sequential flare enhances your safety by warning and guiding motorists. Pi-Lit® intelligent technology automatically synchronizes each flare making deployment quick and safe. No “Master”, no “Slave”, no programming. Turn on and drop. That’s all there is to it!

Perfect for police, fire, first responders, military, maintenance crews, DOT safety personnel, utility companies,  etc. the ICS sequential flare is an advancement over traditional magnesium perchlorate flame flares. The enhanced warning, no fire hazard, and reusable nature is what makes the ICS sequential flare a better choice than traditional incendiary flares.

Available in both a rechargeable version and an alkaline battery version the sequential flares will allow for multiple deployments on a single charge or battery set. Something you don’t get with traditional incendiary flares. Saving you time and money while keeping you and your personnel safe on the road!


  • Intelligent radio technology automatically positions flares in correct sequence for quick and simple deployment.
  • Any one flare controls entire network of flares. Changing a parameter such as pattern only requires the user to use one flare. That flare will send a message to the network of flares and will change their patterns as well. In addition, no need to turn off each flare. The user can do a "group off" from any flare and all the flares will turn off.
  • 50+ foot range (15 meters) between flares (when on the ground), 1,000 feet (300 meters) when placed on top of a cone. No limit to the number of flares in a string.
  • Rugged and compact, the flares can withstand the harsh environment of a roadway while stowing small in vehicle or motorcycle.
  • "Moving" light is more effective at alerting and guiding drivers than random-flashing stationary patterns.
  • 12 bright through-hole side LEDs, 4 bright surface mount top LEDs
  • 1-mile visibility with 360-degree horizontal viewing angle and 180-degree vertical projection.


  • Uses an accelerometer to detect the flare's orientation. This will automatically choose which set of LEDs to flash. Flare in horizontal position (lying on ground), side LEDs will flash. Vertical position (attached to vehicle), top LEDs will flash. This can be overridden.
  • Magnetic base to allow mounting on vehicles, signs, cones, etc. Mounting flares on back of vehicle creates an effective light bar.
  • Lock the flash to the top LEDs when the flares are lying horizontally on the ground and you can brightly illuminate a traditional cone.
  • Five flash patterns to choose from. Four sequential patterns, one simultaneous pattern.
  • Battery status check with a push of a button. No need to unnecessarily change batteries! Ask the flare its' battery state.
  • Reverse the sequence direction with a push of a button. From any flare, the user can change the direction of the sequence. This can be done for deployment so that the user can drop the last flare in the sequence first, walk up stream towards traffic, and drop the first flare in the sequence last.
  • "Endoskeleton" carrying case allows for quick and safe deployment/retrieval of flares. Leave the flares flashing while you collect and snap them onto the case. The flashing flares in your hand will make you still visible to traffic as you return to your vehicle.
  • Optional universal cone adapter allows the flare to be securely mounted on top of the cone. The cone adapter offers the flexibility to have the flare flash as a 360 degree cone lamp or an uni-directional cone lamp.
  • Cone adapter has the option to mount flares on both sides. This allows for deployment of two sets of flares; directing traffic in both directions.
  • NEW: Group frequency mode. Sequential flares shipped as of 8.10.2018 will have the new group change mode. Users now can change entire set of flares at one time. Using one flare, the user can program the set of flares to be any group.
Available Colors: Orange Flare (Orange Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs), Blue Flare (Blue Side LEDs/Blue Top LEDs), Red Flare (Red Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs), Amber- Yellow Flare (Amber-Yellow Side LEDs/Amber-Yellow Top LEDs)
Set Sizes Available: 10 Flare Set, 6 Flare Set, 4 Flare Set. Flares are magnetically attached to both sides of carrying case allowing for quick and easy deployment/retrieval
ICS™ Sequential Flare Cone Adapter: Allows for flares to be mounted as a 360 degree warning lamp or uni-directional warning lamp atop of a cone

We like to make the analogy that sparking an incendiary flare is like burning a $2 bill. And that buys you 15 minutes. When was your last 15 minute incident? So you most often are crisscrossing 3 or more flares at increasing cost.

Backwards or Forwards: Which do you prefer? Want to drop your flares walking towards on-coming traffic? Or do you prefer walking towards your vehicle? Pi-Lit is smart enough for you to choose: Our technology will sequence in either direction!

Need 24-hours of continuous flashing? Not a problem with either our rechargeable lithium system (24-30 hours) or our alkaline (4xAA) powered technology (60 hours).

The default pattern: One lamp flashing as it marches down the string. Simple, efficient (battery life 30 hours), effectively guides drivers around an incident.

From a distance two lamps flashing provide more visibility and guidance. Slightly greater burden on the battery as each lamp is lit twice per cycle. Expect 24-30 hours of continuous flashing. But it sure looks good!

Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) we can offer a “tail-off” that provides a more calming effect. Looks smooth and greatly enhances guidance. Uses a bit more energy; expect 20 (or more) hours of continuous flash time.

Want to get the drivers attention? The Pi-Lit “Fast” pattern emulates the airport runway “rabbit” demanding the drivers eye. They can’t miss it, and this pattern quite effectively slows traffic. You will hear drivers exclaim, “What is that?” as they slow down. Uses the least energy; expect 26-30 hours continuous flashing.

More of a tool to designate a barrier or delineator marking the edge of a road way, the simultaneous flash mode can be seen from great distances and paints an edge to the intended path. Battery consumption similar to pattern 3, the “Wave.” Expect 20-24 hours.

Rechargeable Specifications:

  • Powered by: Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery life:  Nominal = ~24-36 hours
  • Charge time:   From depleted battery = ~ 5 hours
  • Power Adapters:  Charge from your vehicle (12-v DC) or your wall (110-220 v AC)
  • Available colors:
    • [Orange Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs]
    • [Red Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs]
    • [Blue Side LEDs/Blue Top LEDs]
    • [Amber-Yellow Side/Amber-Yellow Top LEDs] 
    • (Custom colors available upon request)
  • Offered in sets of 10 flares, 6 flares, 4 flares
  • Comes With: Set of flares with lithium batteries installed, Carrying Case/Charge Dock, Car Charger, Wall Charger

Alkaline Specifications:

  • Powered by:  4 AA-alkaline batteries
  • Battery life:  Minimal = ~48 hours, Nominal = ~ 36 hours, Maximum = ~60 hours
  • No tools required to change batteries
  • Available colors:
    • [Orange Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs]
    • [Red Side LEDs/Red Top LEDs]
    • [Blue Side LEDs/Blue Top LEDs]
    • [Amber-Yellow Side/Amber-Yellow Top LEDs] 
    • (Custom colors available upon request)
  • Offered in sets of 10 flares, 6 flares, 4 flares
  • Comes With: Set of flares with AA-alkaline installed, carrying case
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