pi-Lit® Sequential Barricade-Style Lamp 

pi-Lit Sequential Barricade Brochure PDF

 pi-Lit Sequential Barricade Warning Lamps enhance safety for work-zone personnel as well as motorist entering the work zone.  Much as a pilot is guided to the runway by sequential flashing strobes (“rabbit”), sequential warning lamps aid the driver by guiding them safely through the work zone.

Drivers approaching the work zone may be confused by the number of flashing lights, bright lights, vehicle light bars, and “flood lamps” located in the work area. The pi-Lit Sequential Warning Lamp is designed to prevent work zone accidents due to driver confusion. The Sequential Barricade Warning Lamp mounts on any drum, vertical panel, or barricade, and communicates with one another to form a smooth and calming pattern that guides motorist safely through the work zone. 



  • Sold in sets of 10 or more barricade-yellow-orange-gray

  • Battery powered using 4 inexpensive off-the-shelf D-Cell Alkaline Batteries

  • 5 Month battery life (dependent upon pattern and flash direction)

  • 100 meter range (330 feet) between lamps

  • No limit to the number of lamps in a string

  • Radio mesh network (No mater or slave; no infrared communication)

  • Radio mesh network allows for deployment in any shape (linear line, circle, around corners, etc.)

  • Operational in any weather situation (sunny, cloudy, snow, rain, sleet, etc.)

  • 1-year Manufactures Warranty


  • Control panel for ease of operation (can be locked)

  • Five different flash patterns to choose from (operators preference)

    • Change the pattern from any lamp will change the pattern on all the lamps

  • 24 hour mode, or night time only mode

  • Sequential flash, steady-burn with sequencing flash; or steady-burn only

  • Choose direction of flash (front lens only, back lens only, or both lenses)

  • New redesign of traditional Barricade warning lamp

    • Batteries are dropped in from top (do not need to unbolt to change batteries)

    • Can be directly bolted down to a “K-Rail” or “Jersey Rail”, wood post, etc.

  • Marker function allows user to designate a “work zone entry” for contractors to ease entry.

  • Insert feature allows a new lamp to replace a broken lamp without disrupting the operating sequencing string

  • Remote Control Capability (turn off lamps, change patterns, steady-burn, momentarily inhibit flash, etc.)

  • 3 Group frequencies color coordinated

    • Group 1 = Yellow Case Color

    • Group 2 = Orange Case Color

    • Group 3 = Gray Case Color

  • Other color cases available upon request

  • Lens color Options

    • Amber

    • Clear (color LEDs available upon request)