Sequentially guide your traffic

and enhance your safety

The “ICS” Sequential Road Flare is an intelligent, rugged, safe replacement for traditional incendiary road flares. Its intelligent sequential flashing technology enhances safety while being easy to use. Traditional flares on average cost $2 and last up to 20 minutes. Our non-rechargeable 4 AA-alkaline version will run 48-72 hr at a cost equal to or less than $1. Two deployments of the ICS flares and you’ll be  saving money! 

The Sequential Barricade Warning Lamp looks, taste, and smells like a traditional Type A/C warning lamp, however, it is much smarter. With easy to use Pi-Lit® technology the sequential barricade lamps mount onto any style drum, barricade, vertical panel, “Jersey” or “K” Rail, etc. and can be deployed for use in various applications. The sequential flash pattern helps eliminate any confusion motorist might encounter when approaching a work zone and guides them safely around personnel and equipment within the work area.    

The “SunFlower” Sequential warning lamp takes our easy to use and effective warning technology and puts it on top of a cone. Using the industry standard 7″ lens with a reflective ring, the “SunFlower” sits on top of the cone adding 9 inches to the mounting height making it the most visible cone lamp on the market.

When a situation calls for an emergency helicopter medical evacuation, the Pi-Lit® LZ Kit will safely guide your pilots to the demarcated landing zone. Using the patented radio technology, the LZ kit flares flash in unison, creating a recognizable “constellation” for a helicopter pilot to spot from miles away. Using Night Vision Goggles (NVG) or the naked eye, the pilot has the choice of either Infrared LEDs or Visible Green LEDs to guide them to their landing.

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