Pi-Lit Remote Control Unit

The Pi-Lit Remote Control Unit allows the user to change the settings of the lamps from the safety of their vehicle or on an overpass 300 meters (1000 feet) away. The  remote control is designed to reduce the time an individual spends on the road. Everything that can be done on the lamps can be done with the remote. The remote display will indicate the parameters and settings the lamps are currently in. Any change on the lamp will echo it back to the remote and vise versa. 


  • Radio technology communicates with lamps to change parameters.
  • Powered by two AA-alkaline batteries
  • 300 meter range (1000 feet) from anyone one lamp. The message will get passed down the network
  • A single remote control unit can control your entire stock of lamps
  • Real time feedback of lamp settings
  • Talk to multiple groups of lamps with a single remote
  • Inhibit feature on the remote allows users to inhibit the LED flash as if the lamps are off, however, the radios are still on and communicating so the lamps are still in sequence
  • Compatible with the Sequential Barricade, Sequential "SunFlower" Cone-Top, ICS Sequential Flare, ICS LZ Kit
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